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An Unforgettable Way to Travel

Take off on amazing adventures with the Oceanic Voyages Premier Package from Vacations by Brooke. This luxurious vacation package is valued at $20,000.00 and includes hundreds of destination vacations around the world, as well as unlimited cruises.

Vatican City

Premier Upgrade

Get even more from your Basic Package with the Premier Package Upgrade, available for only $3,500.00. If you have already purchased the Basic Package, you can purchase this upgrade.

Premier Combo Package

You'll save $800.00 when you get the Premier Package, which combines the Basic Package and the Premier Upgrade. The Basic Package is normally $1,295.00, and the Premier Package is usually $3,500.00, which come out to $4,795.00 when purchased separately. However, the Premier Combo is only $3,995.00. That's right! A $20,000.00 value could be yours for only $3,995.00. This discount is only available when both packages are purchased together with your initial purchase.