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When You Want Luxury, Go with Our Platinum Package

Do you want to have it all? Don't settle for just one vacation and cruise package when you can get the Oceanic Voyages Platinum Package from Vacations by Brooke. Perfect for discriminating travelers, this combination features all three packages (Basic, Premier, and Platinum) together. Your complete Platinum travel package contains hundreds of domestic and international luxury vacations and cruises.

Why Get the Platinum Package?

First and foremost, you save $1,295.00. It's like getting the Level 1 Package free of charge! That's a fantastic reason all by itself, but also, with the Platinum Package, you'll have unlimited access to thousands of 3-day to 14-day vacations to destinations all around the world! What can you do with all those vacations? You can:

  • Give Them to Family Members or Friends as Gifts
  • Give Them Away at Fund Raisers
  • Give Them to Employees as Incentives
  • Give Them to Customers as Bonuses & Gifts
  • Have Fun Yourself & Go on Vacation